Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Illinois GOP's Anti-German Slur

This from the Chicago Tribune on the Illinois Republican Committee's search for a U.S. Senate candidate:

Tuesday's decision capped a strange day at the Union League Club of Chicago in which the committee took three hours to interview 14 potential candidates and then debated what to do for another three hours. At times, the process took on the atmosphere of a three-ring circus as wannabe senators came out of the woodwork to plead their cases.

Three men who showed up unannounced were allowed to speak to the committee as was a 32-year-old Florida man wearing an 18th Century powdered wig. The only person who said he wanted to speak to the committee but wasn't allowed to enter was a protester standing on the sidewalk outside the club wearing lederhosen. One of the rejected candidates, Gen. John Borling, applauded the interview process for its "inclusiveness."

Inclusive? Not with such a shocking display of bias against lederhosen wearers. They might as well put up a "No Germans Need Apply" sign.

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