Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

It now seems that the Illinois GOP has narrowed its choice for U.S. Senate candidate down to either Alan Keyes or Bush administration deputy drug czar Andrea Grubb Barthwell. In earlier post, I suggested that Keyes represented the bottom of the barrel as a potential candidate, but Barthwell may well be even worse. Here's what USA Today had to say about her:

Barthwell, who interviewed with the committee on Tuesday and was expected to talk to them again on Wednesday, still has to contend with allegations that she engaged in "lewd and abusive behavior" while serving as a top official in the White House drug policy office.

An internal inquiry found last year that she made repeated comments about the sexual orientation of a staff member and used a kaleidoscope to make sexually offensive gestures. Barthwell said last month that the inquiry memorandum overstated what happened, but she said she was wrong for participating in "inappropriate banter" at a staff birthday party.

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