Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Churchgoing Vote

Today's Tuesday Report from Gallup (registration and pay required) has an interesting breakdown of the vote by church attendence. Among those who go to church once a week or more, Bush leads Kerry 57-39, among those who attend church rarely or never, Kerry leads 57-41, and those who attend semi-regularly split 49 percent for Bush and 47 percent for Kerry.

What's really interesting is the breakdown among men. Among men who regularly attend church, Bush leads 64-34, and among white men who regularly attend, Bush gets 70 percent to 27 percent for Kerry. As Gallup points out:

Churchgoing men -- especially white churchgoing men -- may very well wind up being one of the strongest groups supporting Bush this year, and may show the strongest support for a particular candidate of any subgroup this year. Perhaps only blacks, of whom about 80% to 90% will probably support Kerry, will show a stronger level of support for a candidate this year.

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