Friday, June 13, 2008

Truth Telling

John Scalzi's on fire. Read the whole thing, but here's the key graf:

[Obama's race] sure as hell matters to Fox News, which is why it’s dog whistling about Barack so loudly that it’s vibrating the windows. Calling Michelle Obama a “baby mama” isn’t just Fox News having a happy casual larf; it’s using urban slang to a) remind you the Obamas are black, b) belittle a woman of considerable personal accomplishment, and c) frame Barack Obama’s relationship to his wife and children in a way that insults him, minimizes his love for and commitment to his family, and reinforces stereotypes about black men. Someone at Fox News just ought to call Barack Obama “boy” at some point so we can have all the cards right out there on the table.


Speaking of which, here's a link to Obama's anti-smear website.


jjv said...

I suppose Cindy McCain being called a "trophy wife" or "much younger second wife" is dog whistling to those middle aged white women who are so coveted by Obama.

Obama is young, inexperienced and naive and takes no responsibilty for anything his advisors do. Were he not black he would have been called a boy a long time ago.

The problem is not "dog whistling" but the Left's attempt to use accusations of racism as an "invisible fence" to keep the media and his adversaries from making comments and inquiries that any non-minority nominee would have to face.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I must have missed the time that Sen. Obama called Cindy McCain a "trophy wife." Please point us to it.

Oh, I see. I doesn't exist. You were just shifting the blame, and trying to make it seem like that "boy" was involved. Okay. We understand you perfectly now.