Friday, June 13, 2008

Chuck Todd Facts

It seems that Chuck Todd is new Chuck Norris. Check out these facts:

Chuck Todd is the last surviving son of Krypton.

Contrary to claims by the Clinton campaign, Chuck Todd leads in the popular vote.

The latest NBC/WSJ poll had a survey size of one: Chuck Todd. The margin of error was 0%.

Chuck Todd tells the fat lady when to sing.

Chuck Todd is an impressive 15-0 in office baby pools.

Everyone is asking "What does Hillary want?" She wants Chuck Todd.

Nostradamus wrote over 30 quatrains that many scholars believe predicted the birth of Chuck Todd.

Chuck Todd did Bush 43's homework at Yale but dumbed it down to avoid suspicion.

Between his freshman and sophomore years of college, Chuck Todd and his roommate took a road trip through the swing states.

This is my favorite:

Chuck Todd has never even heard of Michael Barone.


Willie said...

And might I add,

jjv said...

Hey, I have a serious question. Who is Chuck Todd and why is he so controversial?