Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Obama's Catholic Problem?

In addition to the expected splits along gender, age, and race lines, there also seems to be a big split along denominational lines. According to CBS exit polls, Obama seems to be running poorly among Catholics. In CT, white Protestants went for Obama, 55-40, but white Catholics went for Clinton, 59-37.

(Interestingly, Jewish voters went for Obama by nearly 2:1 (62-37), putting to rest the idea that accusations that Obama is a closet Muslim would hurt him with Jewish voters.)

There are similar results in MA. Obama carried white Protestants 49-48, but Clinton carried white Catholics 62-35.

So much for the Kennedys helping with Catholic voters.

Update: Same in IL. Obama won white Protestants 62-36, but lost white Catholics 49-51.

Update Update: The same pattern holds in CA, but not in MO.


Matt said...

Great observation. I sincerely wonder what are the key issues that would push Catholics away while retaining Protestants. There's abortion, but it's hard to believe that Protestants wouldn't be equally put off by Obama's pro-choice stance as Catholics are.

neil k. said...

Maybe the Pope wants Hillary to be the nominee so that the Republicans are motivated in the upcoming election.