Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina Results

A big win for Obama, built mostly on higher than expected support among blacks (80 percent). Among whites, he's getting about a quarter of the vote compared to 38 percent for both Clinton and Edwards. Going forward, Obama still needs to find a way to expand his support among white voters.

It also seems that the Clinton-Obama fight worked to the advantage of the Edwards campaign. Here is the vote by when people made up their mind:

When did you finally decide for whom to vote in the presidential primary? (Last week or earlier than that)

Last week: Clinton 20, Edwards 27, Obama 51
Earlier than that: Clinton 30, Edwards 15, Obama 55


Anonymous said...

Any comment on 52% of non-blacks 18-29 favoring Obama?
I know that group's turnout is notoriously unreliable.

Dr B said...

I am more concerned with the election of a co President in the form of Bill Clintion reentering the White House. thsi would be a moral low point again for the Presidency....hillary cannot control her Man!!!!
A registered Republican I resonate more politically with Senator Obama, altough I realize that to obtain the nomination he would have to be nuanced at this stage on many of his populist predilections....make no mistake however , Obama has much Gravitas.This should be his time if the nation has the courage to make a seismic shift in its political attitudes?????