Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bad News for the GOP?

The latest Pew survey shows a striking shift in support for the two parties in a short period of time:

February 2007

Republican 25
Independent 10
Pure Independent 13
Independent 18
Democratic 34

Total Republican (including leaners): 35
Total Democratic (including leaners): 52

June 2005

Republican 30
Independent 10
Pure Independent 12
Independent 16
Democratic 32

Total Republican (including leaners): 40
Total Democratic (including leaners): 48


Highest Gallup approval rating for Bush in this period: 49% (June 2005)
Lowest: 31% (May 2006)

Highest Fox News: 42% (September 2006)
Lowest: 33% (April 2006)

Highest CBS News: 45% (July 2005)
Lowest: 28% (January 2007)

Highest Pew: 47% (July 2005)
Lowest: 32% (November & December 2006)

Highest AP-Ipsos: 43% (June 2005)
Lowest: 32% (January & February 2007)

Bush has been really unpopular for a substantial period of time, and there appears to be no end in sight, barring a remarkable turnaround in Iraq. This public disdain seems to be taking a toll on the GOP, not just in the short term at the ballot box, but through the long-term measure of party identification. No wonder why Republicans are starting to wax pessimistic about the next presidential election. How ironic that this most partisan of presidents has taken such a toll on his own party.

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