Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fighting Words

Over at MyDD, Matt Stoller critiques the piece by Adam Nagourney discussing the pitfalls of a Democratic victory that I mentioned previously.

If Adam Nagourney's bad articles seem narrow and insular, it's because they are. It's fairly obvious that Nagourney doesn't take progressives seriously as representatives of the Democratic Party, and doesn't speak to anyone who hasn't been in politics for at least twenty years. There's also a lack of, um, diversity, in his sources. Look at who is quoted in his recent atrocity:

Tony Coelho: Corporate Democrat who created the Democratic K-Street project in the 1980s

Bill Clinton: Neoliberal Democrat who passed NAFTA and welfare reform

Martin Frost: Conservative Texas Democrat who lost in 2004 and ran on a pro-war platform

Joe Andrews: Prominent neoliberal and New Democrat

Bob Kerrey: Strongly pro-war former Democratic Senator

Philip A. Klinkner: Political science professor

Stephen Kaus: Attorney and brother of neo-liberal pundit Mickey Kaus

Notice anything? Well first of all, these are all MEN. Yup. Second of all, they are all WHITE. Third, with the possible exception of Kaus and Klinkner, who I don't know, they are all pro-war. Fourth, none of them represent labor. Fifth, all of them are OLD.

Welcome to Adam Nagourney's Democratic Party: rich, white, non-union, hawkish, professional, old, and male

New York Times: All the News That's Civil Enough to Print

OK, say what you will about my gender, race, income, occupational status, and politics, but OLD!

Stoller really knows how to hurt a guy.

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Anonymous said...

But are you in fact still pro-war?