Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Incompetent, Idiot, Liar

Those three words pretty much sum up how most Americans describe President Bush. In addition to having his approval rating down to 33%, the latest Pew survey asked respondents for a one-word description of President Bush. Nearly half of respondents, 48 percent, had a negative description. Here are the most frequent responses:

29 Incompetent
23 Good
21 Idiot
17 Liar
14 Christian
14 Honest
12 Arrogant
12 Strong
10 Integrity
8 Ass
8 Leader
7 Jerk
7 Okay
7 Sincere
7 Stupid
6 President
6 Selfish
6 Untrustworthy


Fremont said...

I note you skipped over "Good." Now, people picked more than one word. What we find is that Incompetant, Idiot, Liar, ass, jerk, stupid, selfish and untrustworthy get 101%. Good, Christian, Honest, strong, integrity, leader, ok, sincere and president also get 101%. The tie breaker is "arrogant" at 12%. I'm a lawyer. We take arrogant as a compliment. So I'd say most people have something nice to say about the President.

Philip Klinkner said...


The numbers I gave are for the frequency of responses. They are not percentages. The 48 percent figure I gave is from Pew's summary of all the findings. If you want the full analysis, click the link to the Pew report.