Friday, August 12, 2005

What's the Matter With Bob Woodward?

I've never understood how Bob Woodward rose to the heights of media stardom. Every time I see him interviewed he sounds mildly retarded and his comments are always beyond banal. If you want an especially good example of this, check out William Greider's interview with him in the PBS Frontline special, "Who Will Tell the People." Woodward turns into a stammering mass of jelly when Greider asks him if his close relationship with sources prevents him from telling the whole truth about them.

Anyway, Woodward thinks that Dick Cheney will run for president in 2008, despite Cheney's Sherman-like denials and utter lack of any campaign apparatus:

"He would be 67 if he ran and was elected. Reagan was 69. Republicans always like the old warhorse. ... Nixon was 68," said Woodward, best known for exposing the Watergate scandal that led to Richard Nixon's resignation in 1974. "Both parties like to nominate vice presidents. ... Cheney would do it, and I think it's highly likely, so stay tuned."

Richard Nixon was 55, not 68, when he was elected president. Nixon was elected in '68, so maybe Woodward thinks Cheney will be a spry eight year-old in 2008, though perhaps he should read the section of the Constitution that says you have to be 35 to become president. As for the Republicans nominating vice presidents, well, that explains why they nominated Dan Quayle, doesn't it.

Then Woodward had this to say about Richard Nixon:

Woodward said Nixon had to walk away from the presidency because "he understood the hating is what did him in. ... When you look back on it, you have to give him credit. It was probably one of his bravest and most noble acts. ... As he said, he impeached himself."

Hmm, somehow the words "brave" and "noble" didn't jump to mind when I think of a drunken Nixon wandering the halls of the White House late at night, venting against Jews, talking to Lincoln's portrait, and contemplating using the military to stay in power. Perhaps Woodward should read The Final Days.

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