Saturday, August 13, 2005

Enough Already

For some reason I got this poem emailed to me:

A Useful Death

A mother's anguish turns to ire,
Her liquid tears to spears of fire,
A useful fool for the liberal Left,
All hatred now, no more bereft.
The honor which her son embraced,
Is now dishonored, now disgraced,
As his mother stands atop his grave,
From there to shriek, from there to rave.

Yes, some are maddened in their grief,
And grief can surely change belief;
But this woman's views, her family say,
Have long been held, long fore today,
Enabling Leftists to use her grieving,
For Moore deception, Moore deceiving.
I see this mother as a willing fool,
A useful Moorish Code Pinko tool.
As one who fought in another place,
I sorrow for this boy's disgrace,
By a zealot mother grafting grief
Stealing his brave deeds, an honor thief,
Usurping his valor to claim her share,
Five minutes of fame in Media's glare.

Her platform one you don't see often:
A dishonored, flag-draped, soldier's coffin.
I can hear Michael Moore muttering under his breath,
"Yeah, this was really a useful death."

Enough already! The whole Cindy Sheehan episode has been a black mark on both the left and the right. My heart aches for this poor woman, but her loss does not give her any special moral or political standing. The same is true of those who have lost loved ones and support the war. For those on the left to attempt to piggyback on this woman's grief to advance their own agenda borders on reprehensible. But jumping right over that border straight into the land of the reprehensible are those on the right, including the above mentioned poet, who feel the need to publicly trash Cindy Sheehan. This woman lost her son, so if she wants to call out President Bush on that, so be it. If the right doesn't like grieving moms putting heat on the president, then don't start wars that create grieving moms.

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