Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Red, Blue, or Green?

Take a look at this interesting map showing how the Red v. Blue divide matches differences in income.


rakehell said...

Ahh, but I think another recent study tells alot more. This is from my own blog about a month ago:
Who's better off? Red or blue states?

This post from new_economist explains alot. Economist Robert Frank would observe that we feel poor only in comparison to our neighbors, thus the failure of the Dems' focus on the economy in the last election:

"Edward N. Wolff and Ajit Zacharias at the Levy Economics Institute have written a new paper, 'Economic Well-Being in US Regions and the Red and Blue States'. Living standards in the South continue to lag behind, but on key measures the Northeast fared worse: average households in the South and Northeast were the least and most well-off, respectively, in all years and by all measures. However, the Northeast fared the worst in terms of growth and distribution of economic well-being..."

Seepalaces said...

As a member of the religious right, I was gratified to see that the red states are also more generous than the blue states (although in fairness, that may be related to a feeling of well-being that the red states have).

Jami said...

Thanks for the map. Makes a nice addition to my "Why poor people vote Republican" post, not that it explains that shiznit.