Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Estate Tax and Paris Hilton

In a further attempt to emulate The Onion, the editorial writers at the WSJ have a deeply weird piece arguing that the estate tax is why Paris Hilton is, well, Paris Hilton. You see, poor Paris is not just a spoiled heiress with flair for self-promotion and a willingness to have sex on camera. No, that's blaming the victim. The real villian here is the estate tax:

From the perspective of Paris's father, Rick, this means the best he currently can do by his daughter is to raise her allowance and encourage her to spend every penny of it--preferably partying, since that leaves her with no taxable assets that she may someday pass on to her children.

No word on whether or not Congressional Republicans will distribute the Paris Hilton video to help push their bill through.

On the other hand, it would almost be worth repealing the estate tax if it could actually remove the scourge of Paris Hilton from public life.

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QPRHigh said...

Paris? Send her to live in Paris. That would just about even things up for the little issue about Iraq. We might even have to throw in an economic concession or two.