Friday, April 08, 2005

The British Were Right

In burning Washington D.C., that is. If you want an example of everything that is wrong with the culture of Washington D.C., look at the story in today's Washington Post describing all of the networking and machinations over getting the best season ticket seats at R.F.K. stadium for the Washington Nationals baseball team. Allocating seats on the democratic presumption that one person is as good as the other? Not when it puts Bob Novak or Paul Begala out with the great unwashed near the foul pole. ""Apres moi, le deluge"


QPRHigh said...

If the Brits were right, they were sure muddleheaded about occupying New York for seven years and not burning it. At least I can park in D.C. without taking out a second mortgage and find a newspaper or two with credible editorial sections.

QPRHigh said...

The big story is not how the chattering class is getting preferential treatment, but how companies are shying away from investing in skyboxes and blocks of seats because of Sarbanes-Oxley. At $3K per for premium seats, I don't think too many Joe six-packs are being deprived of their dream of season tickets to the Nats, anyway. Still, it's nice to have baseball in DC. Life is good, even if the team is already showing a propensity for high-profile self-destruction. Who knows - maybe they'll become the Red Sox of the 21st Century.

Chris said...

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Marc Schneider said...

I'm not all that impressed with another cheap shot at Washington as if DC is the first capital in the history of the world in which the rich and powerful get preferential treatment. During the 50s, World Series crowds in NY were known not to be the typical fans, but elites who wanted to be seen in October. Obviously, the Washington culture does feature a lot of high rollers trying to get their own way, but that's not the entire culture. I suspect you would find pretty much the same in London, Paris, or any other major capital.

spike webb said...

By gosh get over the pontificating. It's easy to get a ticket to the Nats and within decent view.

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