Sunday, November 07, 2004

Forget About Bush Dumping Cheney, What About John Dumping Teresa?

Everyone agrees that Bush ran especially well with older, married, more tradition-minded women -- probably the voters most likely to be influenced by thoughts of a potential First Lady -- and also probably those most likely to prefer an old-fashioned, supportive one like Laura Bush to a plutocratic eccentric like Teresa Heinz Kerry. Polls show Laura to be one of the most popular Americans, much more so than her husband; Teresa is quite unpopular, even more so than her husband.

Given this, is it possible that Teresa cost John the election? And does this constitute grounds for divorce? John would have to get a good lawyer or else start shopping for another heiress.


salas said...

I was canvassing in the Philadelphia suburbs and, while I didn't experience it personally, I heard some canvassers ran into people who said they were voting 'against Theresa'. It's crazy, but there it is.

Anonymous said...

I loved Theresea,
She is the kinda of women we need as 1st lady - Laura seems like a pushover/love they husband Tammy Wynet kinda women,

carla said...

How does a guy who got 55 million votes get labeled as almost as unpopular as his wife?

With all due respect..this post is beneath this blog.