Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New Issue of the The Forum

The latest issue of The Forum is now available. In case you don't know, The Forum is an electronic journal of political science "designed to fill this glaring gap that exists between Harpers and The Atlantic on the one hand and The American Political Science Review on the other." I'm sure the response to this from many political scientists is, "Amen!." For non-political scientists, you should find that the articles are relevant and accessible. Just to let you know, PolySigh contributor Ray La Raja is the managing editor and I am the review editor. If you are interested in contributing an article or a review, contact us.

Among other articles, the current issue has several timely analyses of the battleground states, and three reviews by political scientists of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. The full table of contents is below:

Susan MacManus, "Florida: Too Close to Call, Again?!"

David Brian Robertson, "Bellwether Politics in Missouri"

John C. Green, "Ohio: The Heart of it All"

Kevin J. McMahon, "Judicial Confessions: John F. Kerry, Catholics, and the Supreme Court"

Danny M. Adkison, "The Ninth Amendment and the Negative Pregnant"

Katherine Tate, "Will America Ever Pay? Racial Justice and Reparations"

Jeffrey Kraus, "Generational Conflict in Urban Politics: the 2002 Newark Mayoral Election"


Hans Noel, "Fahrenheit Red, Fahrenheit Blue"

Michael A. Genovese, "Fahrenheit 9/11: A Review?"

Eric Langenbacher, "The Degeneration of American Political Culture and the Documentary Film in Fahrenheit 9/11"


Chris Lawrence said...

Philip: one thing that's unclear on the Forum website is whether or not the journal is peer-reviewed. There is a reference to referees on one page of the site, but the associated link is dead.

Forum said...

Quality sites like your's are few and far between, especially with all the rubbish that is getting around at the moment. Congratulations on a top site.