Saturday, October 09, 2004

Name 3 Mistakes

Here's a contest for PolySigh readers and contributors: name 3 mistakes your candidate has made. Bush was asked this question on Friday and refused to answer it, so Bush supporters can answer for him. And no weasely job interview responses, like, "My biggest problems are that I work to hard and care too much." And just to make things fair, let's have Kerry supporters do the same for him. Since I'm leaning to Kerry at this point, I'll start.

Mistake #1: Not voting to authorize use of force in the Gulf War.

I made the same mistake at the time, but in hindsight I'll admit that we were both wrong.

Mistake #2: Not voting for the $87 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Despite his claims that he didn't want to give more money to Halliburton, Kerry's vote was, as Bush alleges, all about stopping Howard Dean.

Mistake #3: Pushing the idea of a summit on Iraq.

Kerry might make the summit happen, but it will little or no impact on the situation in Iraq. Help, at least from France, Germany, Canada, Russia, etc., is not on the way even if Kerry is elected, and Kerry knows this as much as anyone.


Palooka said...

He did answer it. His appointments are his mistakes but he didn't want to name names. That's an answer. ;)

Philip Klinkner said...


Palooka said...

I read once that Kerry regretted voting for confirming Justice Scalia. That is about the only thing he's done right ;)

Bush made the following mistakes (not a comprehensive list, just the three you asked for):

1) Bush should have opposed judicial activism, not gay marriage per se. Should have supported Hatch amendment.

2) Bush should have vetoed McCain-Feingold.

3) Was not prudent in the framing of the Iraq war. Could have been more cautious about our knowledge of WMDs, but still justified military action based on Saddam's defiance and deception.

QPRHigh said...

Bush's three errors:

1. Not working hard enough to make the American public understand it has a stake in the War on Terror which supersedes tax relief, prescription drug benefits, and anything else on the agenda.

2. See #1 (just kidding). Not rolling over any and all opposition in Iraq at the first sign of trouble (and, of course, not having enough boots on the ground to expeditiously kill all the haters and help the Iraqis get back to an orderly existence). The only good unreconstructed Baathist is a dead unreconstructed Baathist. Ditto followers of Zarquawi.

3. Not pushing Social Security privatization (with guaranteed minimum benefits for all you hand-wringers). Clinton's the guy who should have made a difference in this area while we were riding an economic upsurge. Regardless of the current state of the economy, someone is going to have to courageously step up to the plate and tell the truth - an entitlement system designed 70 years ago, when people died roughly 24 months after they retired, no longer works in an era when people live 24 years into retirement.

Anonymous said...

For Bush:

1) allowing the kerry camp to define objectives in iraq (namely wmd, which have yet to be found). the rnc convention helped to reset the focus from the slant, but bush should remind voters how iraq wasn't a distraction as the war on terror involves both pursuing terrorists & eradicating safe havens for terrorists (why we removed the Taliban). wmd were just further proofs saddam was a bad guy

2) allowing kerry to distort the 9/11 commission report as a support point of errors in iraq. while technically true (sadaam wasn't proved as helping OBL in planning *that* specific attack), the report contains far more documented offeres by hussein to OBL offering safe haven and other means of support. again, underlines the need to remove hussein (akin to the safe haven argument of #1)

3) not speaking to the public enough while in office. perhaps it's deemed not important b/c of media bias or of a fear in diluting the msg with highly scrutinized 'bushisms.' in either case, bush could have won more support by explaining to the public positions & proposals which some consider thoughtful or reasonable.

4) not demanding these oft referred to magical "plans" of kedwards be revealed, rather than waiting for a wand-waving ceremony in 06.