Wednesday, September 22, 2004

PolySigh Contest: Name that Buzz-Word!

It seems that each presidential campaign generates it's own buzz-word or phrase as a shorthand way of describing what they think is that year's most important trend or issue. In 1996, it was "soccer moms." In 2000, it was "lockbox." What will it be for 2004? My vote goes to cocoon or cocooning, the term used to describe how those involved with a particular campaign become isolated from reality. Though the word wasn't in use then, it's a great description of Pauline Kael in 1972 who famously remarked after the election that she didn't know how Nixon could have won since, "No one I know voted for him."

Anyway, send in your votes for the defining buzz-word of the 2004 campaign. Interesting entries will receive prominent mention on this blog!


Anonymous said...

um...wouldn't "blogger" be the word, considering the fundraising/analytical successes of blogs so far in this cycle?


Anonymous said...


Not only does it bear obvious relevance to a defining issue in this campaign, but it's also been used by in a faux-clever/derogatory way (Dean's "spider-hole of denial").

-Kevin Grinberg

cd said...

Something blog-related is worthy. So may be "Rather biased."

Or most obviously: Flip-flop.

(which I reject objectively, but subjectively appreciate for it's prop-handy brilliance).