Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Oppo Continued

In response to Steve's question about having your opponent's dirty laundry come out too early, one case might be Bill Clinton in 1992. The draft, the affairs, and the non-inhaling all came out in the primaries when such things were less damaging since they didn't matter much with Democratic primary voters. By the time the general election rolled around, the Bush people didn't have many new bullets left to fire. As I recall, about the only new dirt they had was that Clinton had gone to the Soviet Union when he was at Oxford--pretty minor league stuff.

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jaws said...

I've heard in a few places that one of the "advantages" of a longer primary season vs. a front-loaded one is that more of the "dirty laundry" comes out earlier (during the primaries) and can be resolved than having it come out later during the general election campaign.

Does the Democrats plan of "front-loading" the primaries demonstrate this idea? Some say that it does. Dean was gradually having all sorts of things revealed while he was the front-runner, before his decline. Kerry seemed to out of the primaries as more of an unknown (or so it seemed), and most of his "dirty laundry" had yet to come out, leaving the Republicans with plenty of ammo to utilize in the general campaign as we've seen.