Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Finish the Job vs. Bring the Troops Home

Here's an interesting polling insight from Rasmussen:

For all the complaints about attack ads, the quality of the campaign, and 527 groups, the American people have come to see a clear difference between the major candidates on the most important issue of Election 2004.

By a 66% to 17% margin, voters believe that finishing the mission in Iraq is more important to George W. Bush than getting U.S. soldiers home as soon as possible.

By a 64% to 18% margin, voters believe that John Kerry has the opposite view.

As for voters themselves, 52% believe that finishing the mission is more important while 42% say getting the troops home should be the top priority. This alignment helps explain why the President has taken the lead over Senator Kerry while heading into the first Presidential Debate.

These results confirm another finding that 54% of voters favor leaving U.S. soldiers in Iraq until that country's political situation is stabilized. Also, since John Kerry has begun his more aggressive posture on the War with Iraq, the number of people seeing him as politically liberal has increased to its highest level of the year.

As with most issues surrounding the War with Iraq, Bush voters are united and Kerry voters are divided. One third (31%) of Kerry voters believe that finishing the mission in Iraq should be the top priority. Most Kerry voters (56%) say getting troops home right away is more important.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, it will take another three years and more hundreds of deaths of Americans, not to neglect thousands of Iraqi deaths, before the voters shift to 60-70 percent against the mad Iraq venture. Count the number of Americans and Vietnamese whose lives were wasted between 1969 and 1973. And for what? The "honor" of the United States.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the American people are smarter than some candidates think they are. Seems to me that they've figured things out pretty well.