Friday, January 09, 2004

The latest ARG New Hampshire tracking poll has Dean 35, Clark 20, and Kerry 11. Perhaps more interesting is the fine print. According to ARG:

Clark is also gaining among undeclared (independent) voters planning to vote in the Democratic primary. As is the case with Democrats, Clark's strength is among older (age 45 and older) voters, while Dean continues to do well among younger voters. Over the past 2 days of calling, a number of older respondents registered as undeclared voters have reported that they have received telephone calls from a campaign informing them that they will not be allowed to vote in the Democratic primary because they missed the deadline to switch parties. A respondent discovered, however, that when she told the caller that she was thinking about voting for Howard Dean, the caller told her that she would be eligible to vote.

Isn't this the type of campaign shenanigans story that reporters love to cover? Remember the flap about the Bush campaign push-polling against McCain in the 2000 campaign? I'll be interested to see if this goes further.

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