Thursday, October 27, 2005

Guess the Veep!

As the Plamegate scandal creeps closer to Vice-President Dick Cheney, it's time to start speculating about who might replace him should he be forced to resign decide to step down for health reasons. Here goes:

John McCain

Pros: Would shore up support for Bush among independents and some Democrats. Also shows that Bush can go outside of his political and personal comfort zone.
Cons: Doesn't want the job and would be a loose cannon. Also, the conservative wing of the party still sees him as a traitor.

Condi Rice

Pros: As the first woman and African-American in the job, she would distract attention from Plamegate. Plus, she's a Bush loyalist.
Cons: She's moderate to liberal on a number of domestic policy issues and may antagonize the conservative base.

James Baker

Pros: Would assure the rest of world and the markets that the grown-ups will be in charge for the rest of Bush's time in office.
Cons: For a man with Oedipal issues, this looks to much like Dad had to fix his screw-ups.

John Ashcroft

Pros: Rallies the conservative base/gives the finger to Democratic critics.
Cons: Might have a hard time getting approval in the Senate. Plus, even Bush is probably scared of him.

Rudy Giuliani

Pros: Many of the same as McCain.
Cons: Many of the same as McCain, but even more liberal.


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joefo said...

Don't forget Harriet Miers.