Friday, October 09, 2009

President Obama Should Refuse the Nobel Prize

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize is likely to be more of a headache to President Obama than an honor. It reinforces the perception, held among many, that he is philosophically more European than American. And it's not hard to imagine the reaction should he decide to increase troop levels in Afghanistan - "Some advocate for peace!"

As a result, President Obama should refuse the Nobel Peace Prize. He should simply say, "I am honored and humbled by the decision of the Nobel Committee. But there are dozens, if not hundreds, of others who are far more deserving than I am." By doing so, he would reap the benefits (in terms of world opinion) of having been chosen for the award, but stymie critics by acting honorably and with humility and grace.


Chris Brown said...

All you guys do is complain and bitch about Obama this and Obama that, what has he done to you that Bush didn't start, Hello wasn't Bush the one that started the war ? Or wasn't he the reason Gas went sky high, also he's the reason we lost our jobs and our houses are in foreclosure since Obama came in office I was able to afford school, and make something out of my self you people that talk all this nonsense about one's accomplishments are simply selfish ignorant morons who have nothing better to do but throw your tea partys and juice up prejudice if he had been a White man you would be happy and cheering but because he is black you are talking shit and spreading nothing but hate if you even dare claim to be a christian I cast your sorry asses to hell. Because of Obama your un-employed asses are able to log online and talk and spread this hate, I mean think about all the drama in florida with everything going on Republicans did this to our Country not Obama and if you believe everything the press says you are a stupid fuck, Wake up people wake the hell up.

And yes I'm proud to be BLACK

Lisa said...

I think the Nobel Prize is an honor for the President and our country. Hopefully, this means we can end the war.

qprhigh said...

The second best option to not accepting the prize - have the family of an American soldier killed helping to liberate 50 million people from terror regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq accept it for all the servicemen from the US and other countries who have sacrificed so much in a noble cause.

Anonymous said...

From the previous comment, I think you can all see the problem we're dealing with. Investing in eduction is our best bet, and it will eventually yield more Republicans.