Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mike Pence: Billy Graham Abets Tyrants

Here's a video of the exchange between Mike Pence (R-IN) and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In it, Pence criticizes President Obama for shaking hands with Hugo Chavez, claiming that the greeting undermined support for U.S. values. As an example, Pence quoted Natan Sharansky, the former Soviet dissident and human rights activist:

[W]e could never fully prepare ourselves for the disappointment that came from seeing the free world abandon its own values.

About whom was Sharansky speaking about?

"An example was the trip of the world-famous evangelical preacher, Billy Graham, to the Soviet Union in 1984," write Sharansky. During the trip, Graham was asked about religious freedom in the Soviet Union and he responded, "You have some problems with religion, the United States has some problems with religion." According to Sharansky, "Sitting in my prison cell . . . I was dumbfounded. How could Graham possibly place religious freedom in a free society like the United States on par with religious freedom in a fear society like the Soviet Union?"

There you have it, Billy Graham and Barack Obama are both the cats-paw of dictatorships.


Anonymous said...

great work. This clinton response is getting a lot of press, but I was wondering who Sharansky was and when I found out, I wanted to know who he was talking about. It shouldn't be surprising that this led to a completely hypocritical and poorly researched conclusion for Pence.

qprhigh said...

Who was Sharansky not speaking about? Ronald Reagan, who then held the job Barack Obama now holds. The same Reagan who spent a lot of political capital helping to obtain Sharansky's release from the Soviets. Chavez is a bully to his own people who abets terrorism in Colombia.

Anonymous said...

American Jews are one of the solid bases of the modern Democratic Party. People who hate Democrats hate American Jews shame on you

Toby said...

While Reagan was President, his VP George HW Bush hailed Ferninand Marcos of the Philippines as "a friend of the free world". Except that Marcos had an unpleasant habit of murdering political opponents, and looting his country's treasury. But, hey, all in a days work when you're in the GOP! It is amazing who you can find in your politcal bed. Lets not get started on General Pinochet, Roberto Holden, Mobutu and PW Botha.