Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Live Blogging the Debate

Concluding Thoughts:

I thought McCain won the last debate, so what do I know, but I thought Obama dominated tonight. The townhall format didn't help McCain. Moving around, he looked much stiffer than Obama. It really highlighted the age difference in a very unflattering way. Obama's answers also seemed more fluid and thoughtful. McCain had a few good moments, but most of time I got a sense that he was reciting talking points. I don't how much this will help Obama, but I don't think there was anything tonight to change things in McCain's favor.

10:25 Nice touch with McCain and the CPO.

10:14 Obama is really taking it to McCain on the "speak softly issue." McCain sounds defensive.

10:11 Pakistan is such a weird issue. Obama sounds like Patton and McCain sounds like McGovern.

10:04 Obama seems flat footed on the "Obama doctrine" question.

10:00 McCain had a few attacks on Obama's connection to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, but none of the serious Wright/Ayers stuff so far.

9:58 I'm not sure Joe Biden's running mate should have called out Delaware as an example of loose banking regulations.

9:56 Obama is strong on health care.

9:50 Health care as a commodity? Huh?

9:48 Obama gives a great set speech, but his extemporaneous speaking is full of umms and ahs.

9:47 Brokaw should just cut them off when they run over time.

9:45 I'm not anti-nuclear, but McCain seems a bit sanguine when he talks about how safe it is.

9:41 Brokaw now mentions Social Security and Medicare. Medicare is a problem.

9:38 Brokaw is an idiot. Social Security is not a "ticking time-bomb."

9:36 McCain's incessant use of "my friends" is getting annoying.

9:32 It seems that every answer on the economy comes back to energy. My guess is that both candidates A) don't really know what to do, B) don't want to spook the markets by saying something stupid.

9:28 No one wants to cut anything, but in a recession, do we want to cut?

9:25 Is it just me or does McCain sound wheezy? He might want to back off the mic a bit.

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