Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two Pictures are Worth 10,000 Campaign Spots

I have the feeling that the general election will shape up into a choice between these two pictures:

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sam adams said...

The framing of each photo suggests each character's relative position on a scale of style and ideology. Look at the tent evangelicism of the Bush raised hand and the glassy, fenzied eyes. McCain looks as if he has just stumbled up to the stage, walking, finally, in the proper Republican way, free of his (McCain's) brutish crutch--his dalliance with bipartisanship.

And Obama and the Reverend look much more like colleagues at a picnic, or like bookends, or fellas that have known each other an awfully long time; and, while they may each harbor suspicions that the other's politics have those moments of spite or cloistered rage, they share in a vision that stands before their eyes and, therefore, just outside of this picture.