Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Politics of Fred

The Washington Post recently published the weirdest article of the summer. In "Fred, Fred, Fred: Thompson's Challenge Has a Name," Monica Hesse wrote that the former Tennessee senator would have a hard time running for president with such a first name. "There has never before been a major presidential candidate named Fred," she said. Actually, Fred R. Harris of Oklahoma sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 1976. He lost to Carter, but he had a solid resume: US senator, member of the Kerner Commission, chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Because he has the same first name as Fred Flintstone and Fred Mertz, she suggested, people may associate Thompson with idiocy. But he also has the same first name as Fred Astaire. So will people think that he's a great dancer?


Tweedy said...

Come to think of it, I don't think there's been a major presidential candidate named Hillary either! I wonder if voters will find her funnier because her name sounds like Hillarity…


Chris said...

Come on, how 'bout Barack? Is that name craaaazzzzy, or what?

Dave S. said...

I will strike yet another blow against creeping Manicheanism by observing that Fred could be a good dancer AND an idiot.

Anonymous said...

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