Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beam and Mote Department

Over at NRO The Corner (the source of endless amusement these days), Andrew Stuttaford quotes approvingly the following criticism of Tony Blair:

Ten years in power, and the newspapers will doubtless reflect over the next week on Blair's manifest failures; on crime, on health, on public services, on poverty, on defence, on foreign relations. Bloggers will mourn the greatest erosion of personal freedoms ever seen in this nation. Ordinary citizens are angry that Blair has failed to secure our borders, angry at his Chancellor's fiscal incompetence, angry at a great river of government lies, angry that our nation under Blair has become Europe's bitch and Bush's poodle. Every new announcement of Blair's failure provokes ever less ire and ever more weary resignation; we are suffering from failure fatigue. But the most corrosive, the most corrupt, the most cynically opportunist crimes of the Blair years are the undermining of the basic and fundamental bedrock of fairness and equality in patronage. He is now so mired in the filth of sleaze he simply doesn't care any more; not even the pretence of fairness or political impartiality.

He then adds, "'Failure fatigue.' Brilliant."

Does Stuttaford not recognize changing Blair to Bush in that passage would proabably make it more, not less, accurate?


Dave S. said...

But, but, Rich Lowry says we're winning!

Self-awareness has never been these guys' strong suit.

Chris D. said...

Changing Blair to Bush would work in part, but I think you'd have to edit one more sentence to make it complete.

"...our nation under Bush has become China's bitch and bin Laden's poodle."

jjv said...

Yes, the self-awareness of the Left which gave us Al Gore and John Kerry is pretty amazing.

I also presume that a stock market at record highs, unemployment at tremendous lows and tax revenues at historic highs is Bush's fault.

Also the Democratic Congress has an approval rate of 29%. Bush 33% hmmm..