Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The results are starting to come in in the runoff election for the Texas 23rd and it's looking like the Dems might pick up their 30th seat. With 37% of precincts reporting, Democrat Ciro Rodriguez is leading incumbent Republican Henry Bonilla 56-44.

9:26 PM Update: 43% of the vote in and Rodriguez is up 57-43. Looking at the county results, things look even better for Rodriguez. In particular, he's winning Bexar, the largest county in district by far, by nearly 6000, votes. In the general election last month, Bonilla carried it by 20,000 votes.

9:38 PM Update: 55% of the vote in and Rodriguez is still up 57-43. I would call this for Rodriguez, but in this region of south Texas, votes have a funny way of showing up after the polls close.

9:52 PM Update: 67% of the vote in and Rodriguez is holding at 57%.

10:13 PM Update: I'll call it for Rodriguez. 79% of the precincts are in and he's leading 55-45. Plus, almost all of Bexar County is in. The precincts still out are in pretty small counties and unlikely to change the margin by much.

Final Update: Looks like AP has called for Rodriguez too.

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