Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Election Fiasco in Maryland

The Montgomery County Board of Elections failed to deliver the cards needed to activate the County's electronic voting machines. As a result, the polls were not able to open on time throughout Maryland's largest county. Some voters were able to cast provisional paper ballots. However, polling places had a limited supply. I was handing out campaign literature at Rollingwood School and they ran out eventually. In any case, few voters showed up for the traditional pre-work rush to the polls at this normally very busy precinct because of news reports of the problem.

This is a huge election day in Montgomery and Maryland as a whole. Virtually and local and state offices are up for election this year. Montgomery is very Democratic so these elections are usually decisive. A low turnout here could also change the outcome in several statewide contests due to strong regional differences. Find out more of the gory details and which candidates might be affected by the low turnout on Maryland Politics Watch.

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