Monday, July 24, 2006

Maryland Politics Watch

Maryland is entering its big political season. All statewide offices, the entire state legislature and most local offices around the state are up for grabs. We even have an open U.S. Senate seat. However, though I expect people at PolySigh to be fascinated by national and international politics, a regular diet of information on Maryland may be an acquired taste. Accordingly, I've started Maryland Politics Watch for afficiandos of politics in the Old Line State.

It will have a Democratic and DC suburban point of view. I suppose that writing about Maryland from Montgomery County might be like writing about Russian politics from Vladivostok as Baltimore has long been the center of Maryland's political universe. However, at least I'll have a different perspective. I hope to see some of you there.

And for those aching to read the latest Canadian political analysis, I still plan to continue blogging from time-to-time on topics from Bush to Belgium here and at the Gadflyer.


MSS said...

I can't get the Gadflyer link to work.

commie_martyrs said...

As primary day draws near for voters in Prince George’s County one question has been turning over in my mind and that is: Why is Prince George’s County Executive, Jack B. Johnson, running as a Democrat when he runs this county like a Bush Republican.

Here is the parallel I see:
Like Bush, Jack B. Johnson is inaccessible and unaccountable;
like Bush, Jack B. Johnson he has given fewer press conferences than any of his predecessors and like Bush stumbles through his syntax when he does (not a major flaw, but it fits the parallel quite nicely);
like Bush, Jack B. Johnson is involved in unthinkable giveaways of public money to his friends and supporters;
like Bush, Jack B. Johnson values personal loyalty over competence when it comes to making appointments;
like Bush, Jack B. Johnson is reliant upon a political strategist and arm twister, Prince George's own Karl Rove, Mike Herman;
like Bush, Jack B. Johnson has betrayed the confidence and the trust of the majority of his constituents;

As a long time Maryland Democrat in one of the most reliable Democratic regions in one of the bluest states in the country, it really disturbs be to see the tactics of Tom DeLay and Karl Rove infecting by party at one of its strongholds.