Wednesday, April 26, 2006

U.S. Senator Approval Trends

Survey USA has been conducting polls on the approval ratings of all 100 U.S. Senators. To get some sense of how things have changed over the last year, I compared the most recent net approval ratings (approval minus disapproval) to those from last May. Overall, the net approval rating for U.S. Senators fell 3 points. This dip was across party lines, as Democratic Senators fell 2 points and Republican Senators fell 3 points. The table below looks just at Senators running for reelection this fall. Among this set, however, there was a clear partisan difference. The average net approval for the Democrats remained unchanged, but for the Republicans it fell 7 points.

statesenatornet approval '06net approval '05change
CT Lieberman, Joseph 19%31%-12%
MI Stabenow, Debbie 2%14%-12%
MA Kennedy, Edward 16%26%-10%
FL Nelson, Bill 15%24%-9%
HI Akaka, Daniel 31%36%-5%
WA Cantwell, Maria 7%10%-3%
DE Carper, Thomas 36%39%-3%
NY Clinton, Hillary 30%32%-2%
NM Bingaman, Jeff 30%27%3%
CA Feinstein, Dianne 16%13%3%
ND Conrad, Kent 40%36%4%
WV Byrd, Robert 33%20%13%
WI Kohl, Herb 34%19%15%
NE Nelson, Ben 54%36%18%

statesenatornet approval '06net approval '05change
MT Burns, Conrad -13%14%-27%
PA Santorum, Rick -14%6%-20%
MO Talent, Jim 5%18%-13%
IN Lugar, Richard 24%35%-11%
AZ Kyl, Jon 3%13%-10%
TX Hutchison, Kay 26%34%-8%
WY Thomas, Craig 27%34%-7%
MS Lott, Trent 33%35%-2%
ME Snowe, Olympia 48%50%-2%
VA Allen, George 11%13%-2%
OH DeWine, Mike 7%8%-1%
NV Ensign, John 13%13%0%
UT Hatch, Orrin 27%27%0%
RI Chafee, Lincoln 13%8%5%

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