Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cheney's Hunting Accident

Boy, does this article seem relevant.


Anonymous said...

Less analysis and more Cheney jokes please. The problem with "progressive" defense of hunting is that the coalition that would promote it is too unstable. Look at the electoral Presidential map by county. Heavily urban counties hate hunting and vote against it all the time. The mistrust with rural voters stems in part from this. But see Virginia where the Warner/Kaine folks have been pretty good on this stuff (and Webb will be if elected). I note that it is normally "Progressives" who try to ban hunting on public land. Until that ends the hoped for coalition won't materialize.


Luther said...

Bush Says He Will Veto Any Bill to Stop UAE Port Deal

Looking for jokes look at the way the Bushies are handling this

QPRHigh said...

Here's a funny joke: Sen Clinton painting herself into a xenophobic corner over the port deal. I'll take an inarticulate Bush with ideals over an opportunistic Clinton without them any day of the week.

Luther said...

Continues to go downhill

Continuing Sectarian Violence Kills 68 in Iraq