Saturday, November 26, 2005

Move On, Brad

Over at the Huffington Post, Brad Friedman continues to peddle the idea that the 2005 election in Ohio was marred by massive voter fraud. As I point out in my post below, there's little if any evidence to support such an assertion. It seems to me that if Democrats want to nail the Republicans next year (and Ohio seems like a great opportunity for that), they should spend their time thinking about positive solutions to the nation's problems rather than sounding like a bunch of guys with foil helmets who run around making outlandish fraud accusations. (Besides, everyone knows that foil helmets actually help the government to read our minds!)


QPRHigh said...

On the plus side, my foil helmet greatly increases the range of my car's keyless entry fob and my garage door opener. My tests of cell phone signal amplification are so far inconclusive.

BradF said...

Thanks for the note, Philip. Yes, I recall the same dismissive nonsense of "Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorists" launched against those of us who questioned Bush's war as well. On that matter, as with this, it is a belittling attempt to marginalize those with whom you simply are unable to debate honestly.

I'm sorry to see that apparently you haven't read the GAO Report ( recently published confirming everything I've been reporting on as FACT. Nor have you read the "Cyber Alert Warning" ( as issued by US-CERT, a branch of the DHS, prior to the election warning that Diebold Central Tabulators are vulnerable to attack by a single malicious user. Your democracy is being gamed, and yet you don't seem to care. I wonder why.

While you characterize my work as "peddling massive fraud" (or however you worded it), it's unfortunate that you fail to characterize what I'm *actually* peddling. And that is, that without a transparent democracy in which the electorate can have confidence -- no matter the results of any election -- you destroy the very basis on which democracy rests.

As a "PolySigh" guy, I'd think you'd understand that more readily. Apparently you don't. Or, perhaps as with Blumenthal, apparently you simply don't care.

No worries though, because I do. And I'll work to assure you have an accountable, transparent, verifiable, recountable, electoral system in which the electorate sees their votes actually counted and about which they can have confidence when the results are finally determined. You are welcome to continue to miss the whole point while the rest of us toil to assure all of us in this American democracy have the type of system that we all deserve. Even if you -- apparently -- don't seem to give much of a damn about it.