Monday, August 15, 2005

The Walken Administration

I'm still not sure if Christopher Walken is serious about running for president or if this is a joke (I hope the former), but that doesn't mean I can't speculate about a possible Walken administration. Here are my picks for an administration as creepy/weird as it's president:

Vice President: Steve Buscemi
Attorney General: Nick Nolte
Secretary of State: Dennis Hopper'
Secretary of Defense: Eric Roberts
Ambassador to France: Mickey Rourke
Secretary of Education: Crispin Glover
Secretary of the Treasury: John Malkovich
Secretary of Homeland Security: Michael Berryman


Brendan said...

Looks like a hoax.

QPRHigh said...

Damn! I could see Christopher Walken negotiating nuclear non-proliferation with the President of Iran, and obtaining an agreement, using only his icy gaze, 50 words, and a kitchen sink disposal hooked to a drain wide enough to accept a human hand.