Friday, August 12, 2005

Man on Donkey

The conservative "group" (more like letterhead) Public Advocate of the United States has renounced its support for John Roberts. Eugene Delgaudio, a conservative activist long known for bizarre stunts, often with an anti-gay slant (at the Democratic convention, he held a "Man-Donkey Mock Wedding Ceremony), accused Roberts of assisting "the forces that would criminalize Christianity." Delgaudio, who somehow also got himself elected as a supervisor in Virginia's Loudoun County, has long raised big bucks from blue-hairs by sending out fundraising appeals on Public Advocate letterhead that appear as if they come from a branch of the federal government.

I encountered Delgaudio once, during my College Republican days. I was on the floor of the 1992 Republican National Convention, not far from the folks waving the "Family Rights Forever, Gay Rights Never" signs, when I spotted Delgaudio. He was screaming at Ann Stone of Republicans for Choice, "Ann Stone! You femi-Nazi you!" That pretty much sums up Eugene Delgaudio.

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