Monday, May 09, 2005

Blog of a 1000 Stars

I once caught an old episode of the Dick Cavett Show, from about 1970 or 1971. I think it was on VH-1 which had some show where they culled old TV performances of classic rock stars. In this case it was Sly and the Family Stone. Sly was, of course, great, but almost as interesting was Dick's lineup of guests that evening. In addition to Sly there was Debbie Reynolds, tennis great Pancho Gonzales, and U.S. Senator (D-OK) Fred Harris along with his wife, LaDonna, a Native American activist. It struck me that in this day and age of narrow-casting and niche marketing, you could never again find such an electic line-up. But to prove me wrong we now have the, Arianna Huffington's liberal response to the Drudge Report. Here's a quick line-up today's contributors:

Tina Brown
Ed Markey
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall
Mike Nichols
John Cusack
Ellen DeGeneres
David Mamet
David Frum
Michael Isakoff
Laurie David

Of course, this combination of stars and politicos vastly expands the reach of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." For example, connecting Kevin with Teddy Roosevelt is easy:

Kevin Bacon-->Mystic River-->Tim Robbins-->High Fidelity-->John Cusack-->>Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.-->ADA-->Eleanor Roosevelt-->Family-->Teddy Roosevelt!

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