Monday, November 08, 2004


I don't know whether Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic nomination, but I would not dismiss her out of hand as a national candidate. She won her Senate seat in 2000 by a pretty healthy margin, 11 points. She also did relatively well in upstate NY, a place that looks more like Ohio than Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

My dream ticket: Schwarzenegger/Rice 2008 ...or Rice/Schwarzenegger 2008. Give me either one!


Anonymous said...

Hillary's margin in upstate ny was very significant - she barely lost. And that's doing very well as a democrat in the area. Whether or not you're a Hillary fan, you shouldn't dismiss her. Plus, this election has certainly demostrated that a love/hate candidate can win.

Here's a little bit of irony/trivia I'll throw out there for you all. The first poll ever taken for a race between Hillary and Guilliani was followed by months of campaigning, millions of dollars, accusuations flying from side to side, and a change of candidate. The final results were virtually identical to that first poll.

Thomas said...

I'll go ahead and dismis her out of hand.

I can't imagine her being competitive in most of the South. She'd certainly run in Arkansas, which'd be an improvement from Kerry's race, but that only adds a single state to the battleground, and, in the end, there isn't a real likelihood she'd win it. She did get the heck out of Arkansas when the getting was good.

Hillary would run as well as Kerry in the upper Midwest. But that's not enough to win, as we saw.

We could have the election next Tuesday or on the first Tuesday in November '08. Nothing will change if Hillary is the candidate (assuming there's a conventional Republican on the other side).

Anonymous said...

Hilary did so well upstae because she had no competition. If Rudy had stayed in the race she would have lost both upstate and downstate. I went to a Lazio rally in upstate New York, and it was one of the most pathetic things I had ever seen in my life. He spoke for twenty minutes about a flag burning ammendment, and he never once mentioned the terrible upstate economy. It was after this rally that I resigned myself to the fact that Lazio was going to be destroyed, and he was. Lazio was an unknown congressman from Long Island who joined the race when it was half way through, he never stood a chance. Hilary beating Lazio is sort of like Schumer beating Miller, there was never a chance for either of them to win, even upstate.