Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Go West, Young Dem?

Democrats actually had a pretty good Election Night in the Mountain and Pacific time zones. Kerry won all three West Coast states handily (including the battleground states of OR & WA), while Democrats did well in both statewide and legislative races. Kerry lost in Nevada and New Mexico by small margins and came pretty close in Colorado -- where Democrats won a Senate seat, a House seat and the state legislature. Republicans did perform well in Arizona, where anti-illegal-immigration Prop 200 probably helped them with turnout. If Democrats continue to be shut out in the South, they may be able to pick up the necessary EVs in some of the Mountain States.

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Moosa Man said...

Well, I am still puzzled as to why Kerry could not win New Mexico.

But even if a Democratic presidential candidate could get New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado, that is a gain of only 18 electoral votes. Not enough to offset Ohio.

Arizona seems a lot farther out of reach, although Clinton carried it (once). So, even a successful "western" strategy isn't good enough, unless the same appeal that adds to the Democratic vote in the Mountain West could also bring Iowa or another state back.