Friday, October 01, 2004

The SNL Vote

Jack Pitney makes a good point below that we are know is the stage of making sense of what happened in the debate. So far, it seems to be very pro-Kerry. A quick scan of the network news tonight showed lots of references polls showing a Kerry victory, and probably even better for Kerry, lots of coverage of Bush's poor demeanor.

On the other hand, the biggest shoe has yet to drop--SNL. As Jack points out, SNL's skewering of Gore in 2000 ("laahk box") was devastating for him. Gore's handlers even made him watch the skit to show his poor performance. He then overcompensated by being totally passive in the second debate. He did better in the third debate, but by then it didn't help much.


Palooka said...

You're not looking at the details. Look at the Gallup poll.

"Despite the positive assessment, viewers said they favored Bush in handling the war in Iraq and serving as commander in chief, little changed from opinions expressed before the debate. And a majority of viewers said it was Bush who better demonstrated he is tough enough for the job."

The poll showed respondents felt they had an equal understanding of the issues (41-41), that Bush's performance made them think he agreed with voters about the issues they care about (49-46), that Bush was more believable(50-45), that Bush was more likable (48-41), and that Bush demonstrated he is "tough enough for the job" (54-37).

Not to mention Bush could have called Kerry on his idiocy (nuclear freeze on bunker buster nukes, Give Iran nuclear fuel, flip flopping in the debate on "mistake," etc). The race would be over if he was aggressive. Nevertheless, Kerry left in the wake of his performance statements which will seriously jeapardize his candidacy.

In putative results, Bush won. He was more likable, believable, sincere, and he showed the "toughness" to be president. Who won? Not to mention Kerry made gaffes: global test, giving Iran nuclear fuel, bunker buster freeze, flip flopping on whether Iraq was a "mistake." These will, if properly used, really hurt Kerry in the weeks to come.

Palooka said...
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