Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Put Granny to Work!

Palooka writes:

People supporting themselves, demonstrating self-reliance, and developing self-respect that terrible of a thing? I know when people break free from the teat of the Nanny State it gives great distress, because you're that much further from the realization of your socialist utopia.

Ok, then let's get rid of Social Security and force people either to save more or keep working longer. Seniors will gain that self-reliance and self-respect that they are lacking. That's a much, much bigger teat than welfare.


Palooka said...

Those incapable of working because of disability or age is an entirely different circumstance than those physically and mentally capable, but unmotivated. Nice try.

Philip Klinkner said...

Plenty of seniors are extremely capable of work. Plus, we don't limit benefits to those who can't work. You turn 65, you get a check, no questions asked.

Also, since when was taking care of kids not work? If you don't think it's work, come watch my 3 year old for a couple of hours. On second thought, Palooka, I think I'll find different child care. I'll go with the guys from the work-release program over you.

Palooka said...

Most individuals 65 and older are not fully capable of working, and giving blanket coverage to the group simplifies things greatly. But raising the age a bit wouldn't be entirely unreasonable. The most I think you can get out of it is 68 or so. While life expectancy has risen dramatically, it remains unreasonable to expect the average 70 year old to hold down a full time job. Single women are capable of raising children and working at the same time. I know because I am a product of such a circumstance, your petty sniping and insinuation I am heartless, insenstive, and out of touch notwithstanding. I'm not opposed to helping single parents with their trying situations, but welfare (especially pre-reform) is not a solution to anything. History has shown that pretty conclusively. Only those within the insulated halls of academia have failed to recognize that.