Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Obama vs. Keyes

I'm listening on the radio to the first of three debates between Barack Obama and Alan Keyes, candidates for the Illinois U.S. Senate seat. It definitely doesn't measure up to the Lincoln/Douglass Debates, but one thing is for sure, Keyes is a more natural and talented orator than Obama. The only problem is that he's crazy and out of control when he speaks, so it sounds like he's constantly shouting. Why should Illinois voters choose them for the Senate? Here's how they responded:
Keyes: "Because I believe in getting to the root of all problems. And the root of all our problems is that we are destroying the moral culture of the family...We have to stop destroying traditional families."
Obama: "Government can't solve all problems, but it can help...I have a track record of accomplishment, I've not only talked the talk, I've walked the walk."

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