Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Debate Winner

I call it a tie. Both sides landed some heavy blows, but no knockouts. Cheney's probably hit a bit harder, but Edwards's closing statement was better. The impact will be minimal since by Thursay, the media will move on to pre-gaming the next presidential debate.


Palooka said...

Whatever. Edwards didn't look very smooth or affable, his best qualities. He faded, especially in the end.

What the hell was with that "don't say your running mate's name" crap. Now, it made Edwards look stupid, but I can't really hold it against him.

That moderator sucked. She let them go back and forth over stupid shit but wouldn't give Cheney more time to address Edwards Halliburton slander.

The Fox panel thinks it was dry. I am not sure if it's the nastiest debate ever, but it wasn't dry. Probably too long, however, just like the first debate.

Anonymous said...

Overall, I thought Cheney prevailed. One that hit home was the "90% US casualties". Cheney was able to retort that the 90% number only works if you don't count Iraqis. A major thrust of Kerry-Edwards on Iraq is to broaden the coalition, but they don't praise our existing allies much and France/Germany are already saying "take a hike". I keep expecting Bush-Cheney to ask for the names of 3 countries that will sign on with the Kerry administration. Heck, they'd probably stump him if they asked for one.