Thursday, September 09, 2004

Let's Not Get Physical

I understand the Bush camp's claim that the president didn't report for his physical, as ordered to do so by his superior, because he didn't think it was necessary for his new duties in Alabama. Putting aside for a moment the very big issue of whether he had the right to make such an assumption, what motivation would have had for not doing so? It wasn't like he was ordered to spend 100 extra hours flying or cleaning the latrines. This was a physical exam, something that takes, what, an hour or two at the most? Bush couldn't have taken the time to have his blood pressure checked, turn his head and cough, and pee in cup? Well, the latter seems to be the implied problem. So here's a question for anyone who knows--what did these physicals entail? Specifically, how long did they take and did they include a drug test?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the point. Bush decided it wasn't necessary to take the physical only after they included drug tests. He doesn't really deny using illegal drugs during this period, and the times really did call for drugs. Lots of drugs.

Everyone who was near that age during that awful time knows exactly what Bush was up to, and, if they are honest, would admit that they would not have blamed him for avoiding The War. Nobody wanted to go to Viet Nam in 1972. I had a friend who gained 75 pounds and took up smoking to get a medical deferment. Canadian exile was a realistic alternative to the draft, as was Rush's anal cyst. It is only years later that such behavior was condemmed, and then only by people who would pretend they didn't do it themselves. In other words, Bush's supporters.

Nearly everyone who could escape Viet Nam in the 70's did, which is why Kerry's story is exceptional, and why Bush's pretending that he did the honorable thing a nasty joke.

Palooka said...

I thought that was a genuine point--avodiance of drug test. Though considering the prior cocaine charge and the DUI thing, it has minimal effect.

BUT I read, though I can't recall where, that drug testing was not part of the physical in the early 1970s. I think a National Guard figure of some sort was commenting on that. Maybe this is coming from Byron York's piece or maybe from one of Frontpagemag's. Anyway, it appears, from at least once souce, that they did not include a drug test. Wish I could cite ya a source.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post anonymously, but I'm too lazy to take 3 minutes to sign up. As a former military pilot familiar with such things, I am almost certain that Bush's flight physical did not include a drug test. (They never did with me.) You see, a flight physical is scheduled well in advance, negating any possiblity of catching someone's illigal drug usage. A drug test is always has to be in order to catch a drug user off-guard. The only need for the urine speciman in a flight physical is to check for sugar in the urine and that sort of thing. Sorry, no conspiracy.