Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dan Rather and O.J.

It seems to me that the controversy over the CBS memos is much like the O.J. Simpson case. The claims of both sides are not necessarily mutually exclusive. O.J. was guilty and the L.A. police may well have evidence planting racists. Likewise, the CBS memos might be forgeries and a true description of Bush's Guard service.


Anonymous said...

I highly doubt one can compare this to the OJ case.
The fact is, CBS and Dan Rather were reckless and careless in their review of authenticity of the documents; that they in fact had an agenda to get Bush; if these were documents on Kerry, they would have taken more time. Either way, the perception (and that counts for alot in the media) is that CBS was in fact biased. As a result, they may and should lose out on hosting any of the debates, since they can not be seen as a fair game player.

Instead of talking about worthless things from 30 years ago, why not talk about real substance.!!!!!

Unless Kerry starts doing something, it seems as if the outcome has been decided, and Kerry will have lost the easiest election he could have won!

Anonymous said...

Your comparison is a prescription for lynching.
we know you are guilty so we need no proof. May God have mercy on your soul!