Thursday, August 12, 2004


In respone to Steve's post about McGreevey, it's pretty clear that there's another shoe to drop here--the lawsuit that the TV commentators keep mentioning but never give any details on. Given that he was pretty clear to say that he had a "consensual" relationship with another man, I'd guess that he's being sued for sexual harassment. That's why he's resigning, not that he's gay. As for his wife, she looked pretty pained at the news conference. My guess is that she's running through quite a few emotions.

Trivia question: Is McGreevey the first openly gay politician in a statewide office? A couple of U.S. House members are out, but I don't know of anyone in a statewide office. And, please, no emails trying to tell me that James Buchanan or Abraham Lincoln were gay.

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