Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Looking Backward

I suspect that most Americans care far less about how we got into Iraq than how we are going to get out.

The whole evening had a curiously backward-looking feel. Lots about 9/11, little about what comes next. Sometimes I think this campaign could be billed "One Day vs. Four Months." (9/11 vs. Kerry's Swift Boat service). Neither candidate has been looking forward much. (Kerry has a fairly substantive agenda, but hasn't communicated it effectively).

If Kerry's terrible August does re-elect Bush, will history note the Swift Boat ads as the most effective lies since Munich?


jeff said...

I am not sure of the lies of which you speak? Kerry in Cambodia, that lie? Kerry's self inflicted wound resulting in his first purple heart, that lie? Kerry's insertion of CIA guys into Cambodia, that lie? Kerry's claims of Veterans' war crimes, that lie? Karry's various descriptions of Rassman's fall from his boat, that lie?
Help me identify the lies of which you are speaking, in as much as, the SBVT used Kerry's words. Help me know who is lying. Is it perhaps, you?

Anonymous said...

Keep Whooping it up you dupes about Cambodia. Just keep it coming. Oooh Kerry equivocated on the LEAST significant of John O'Neil's charges therefore all the other bile the SBVT spill must be true? Holy, Jebus! Bush can't even prove he ever had more than a dental exam in Alabama and you don't even question his claim about having fufilled his duties in the National Guard. Yet, Kerry who can provide you with reams of paper on his service, virtually all of which backs up his version of events in Vietnam (excepting that most important mission to Cambodia) and you can't stop calling him a liar. Next week O'Neil will be telling us that in fact Kerry was in Cambodia and conspiring with Pol Pot. Democrats do love the Khmer Rouge.

Palooka said...


This is friggin' pathetic. Lies??? Are you THAT delusional? Other commenters have said it well enough... Cambodia? First purple heart? Two allegations which bear considerable weight. They have, more or less, proved their case on at least these two issues. The Rassmann episode is murky, but we at least know Kerry's changed his story and the Swiftees haven't. His records are especially suspicious. Three citations, one written in the 1980's!!! "V for Valor" on his Silver Star!

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