Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Keyes v. Obama

Following up on Steve's post about a possible Keye's v. Obama race, I think this shows just how desperate Illinois Republicans have become. Here it is, the Land of Lincoln, and the best the party of Lincoln can do is to import a Marylander with a dismal track record as a campaigner and a reputation as a right-wing kook. Down-ticket Republican candidates must be getting very worried. With Kerry likely to win handily and with Obama looking at a blowout, they have to be thinking that they might just get swept away in dual landslides.

Also, what happened to the idea of running a sports figure? Just because Mike Ditka and Dave Duerson turned them down doesn't mean they can't find someone else? What are Minnie Minoso and William "Refrigerator" Perrry up to these days?

Here's another thought--two cast members of the movie "Predator" have already been elected to statewide office (Arnold and Jesse Ventura). I say try going 3 for 3 by nominating Carl Weathers.

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