Saturday, August 14, 2004

Keyes Prediction

As Steve points out, the Keyes pile on is in full swing, but I'll take this opportunity to predict that at some point between now and the election, the media cycle will turn in favor of Keyes and against Obama, at least temporarily. Perhaps Keyes will get the best of Obama in a particular debate or put him on the defensive on some issue. The particulars are unimportant, but such a turn will undoubtedly take place. Why? First, there are only so many "Democratic Wunderkind vs. Right-Wing Loon" stories that the press can write. As some point the media will look for anything to vary their coverage. Second, most reporters seem to like Obama personally and want him to win. Given that, they will probably look for an opportunity to write an anti-Obama or pro-Keyes story as a way to show that they are objective and not totally in the thrall of Obama. Of course, none of this will matter as Obama rolls up 60 percent plus on election day.

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